We’re a week into October, and that means leaves are starting to fall, the smell of autumn is in the air, and horror movie marathons are on TV almost every night. When you’re watching your favorite horror films, it’s safe to say you’re likely not thinking too much about windows. Windows are more of an “in the background” element of movies, but they can portray a more powerful statement than you’d expect. Since it’s nearing Halloween, we’re showcasing some iconic windows in horror movies. After this blog post, we bet you’ll notice windows a lot more during scary scenes.

Don’t Stand By a Window on Friday The 13th

Almost everyone knows the story of Jason Voorhees. As one of the most profitable slasher films in Hollywood, this movie is one of the ultimate Halloween movies. If you’re standing by a window on Friday the 13th, chances are it won’t be your lucky day. Jason crashes through windows many times throughout the series of the film. Some of the best jump scares involve Jason attacking his victims through a window.
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