When was the last time that you thought about your gutters? The truth is, most people don’t think about gutters at all until something goes wrong. Sagging and leaking gutters are avoidable with proper gutter guard protection. With this special internet offer through Midwest Exterior, your local Window Depot USA, top-of-the-line gutter guard protection is available in your area.

One-of-a-kind Water Management System

With our gutter guard protection, your gutters practically take care of themselves.  The gutter guard fits on top of your existing gutters to prevent clogs and buildups. It works with the flow of rainwater to ensure your gutters are always clear and functioning properly. The best part of all is that it is guaranteed. Clog-free gutters means saving time and worrying less!

Construction & Function

Gutter guards from Midwest Exterior, your local Window Depot USA, are exceptionally crafted to give you the best protection possible. Our gutter guards are:

  • Constructed with thick aluminum
  • Withstands nearly 190 pounds of pressure and 110 mph windows
  • Uses a series of tiers to guide rainwater into gutters, preventing debris from entering the gutter system
  • Maintenance-free permanent finish
  • Mounted on to roof and gutters

Variety of Colors

Don’t think for a second that gutter guards will put a damper on your curb appeal. Choose from a variety of colors to match your home and style.