Before you make a final decision on your next home improvement project, be sure to enjoy these helpful replacement window reviews from customers of Window Depot USA of Milwaukee WI!Window Depot did a full install of my windows and we loved the work so much that we contracted them to do more work on our home. Next time they will be installing attic insulation and making our home a Green Certified Home! I would recommend them to anyone!

Shamika J.


First I had new windows installed and the quality of the work was fabulous. The technician was top notch and was friendly and cooperative. The work was fast and well done. Couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Recently committed to having a new metal roof installed. The owner came out and was down to earth and cared about my business. A very reasonable price was negotiated and I am excited for the work to take place. It was very non stressful and comforting experience working with Window Depot USA.

Jim J.


So admittedly – I was less than excited to shop for windows. How boring. How uninspiring. How surprised I was then with the enjoyable experience of working with Window Depot! But I should warn you – be sure to get ALL other potential quotes out of the way before you call Nate Teicher & his team from Window Depot – because you won’t have any interest in hearing from anyone else for your home improvement project once you have met the Window Depot Team! I hired him last year through Nate & Window Depot to replace all my windows in our house. We could not have had a better experience! They worked so well with us. They were polite, pleasant, not pushy, & cleaned up better than anyone I’ve ever had work on my house. My windows look great & I’ve had tons of compliments from my neighbors. Repeat business is the highest form of flattery & I’m happy to be working with them again this year to do my gutters. Can’t wait to see the end results!

Erin K.


We were very pleased with the company from sale to install. Would recommend Window Depot to anyone.

Cheryl G.


I would highly recommend Window Depot for many more reasons that I could type in a review but here are a few of the most important ones. The installers are very respectful of you and your personal property. The windows they produce are nothing but the best quality you can get, They also stand behind there work and take care of any issues your might have even years down the road.They are the best in every facet from start to finish.

Bill M.


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We contracted 4 new replacement windows with Window Depot. Our windows turned out absolutely gorgeous. In fact, they look nicer than our “other” replacement windows. We were amazed at the professional job that was performed. And we are so pleased with the efficiency and ease of operating the new windows. We could not be happier!

Lyn D.


I highly recommend Window Depot of Milwaukee. One major incentive for me to buy these replacement windows was efficiency. My June bill was a whopping $180.00 dollars and after the installation, the following month my bill was in the nineties, a savings of approximately ninety dollars. I was quite pleased with these numbers but also realize how much air was being lost, depleting the internal energy.. I wanted to share this with you, and say I appreciate the product and the great customer service!

Scott M.


I bought a distress property that was in need of new windows. The old windows had broken panels, the glazing was old and cracked, the sashes appeared rotted, and the glass rattled. (yeah, they were really bad) I got three quotes on my windows. The first company was $5,000 more than the next two so they were out from the get go. All three companies made custom windows based on the size of my current windows and offered full re-install (where they rip the old on out to the studs). It came down to the second two companies which prices were within $1000 of each other. Company 2, Windows Depot USA, had quoted triple pane glass that had a better insulation quality, the windows had no metal pieces, they stiffened the windows with extruded fiberglass, and the installer was going to finish all the woodwork. The sales rep also talked extensively about how good the installer was and had pictures of his work. Normally they used cellulose insulation but I asked for spray foam and they were willing for no extra charge. Company 3 had double panel glass, and said it was just as good as triple pane but then it had a lower insulation rating (so that didn’t make sense in terms of actual numbers…) then they told me that the sashes were stiff enough because they use virgin plastic. Now the cross section of the sash was very strong but to me it looked like that was based more on the extrusion shape and not the actual material. So as an engineer I didn’t really respect their technical knowledge or at least the information they were giving me. They also weren’t going to finish the inside work so I would have to stain and varnish all of it, which I am capable of but wasn’t looking forward to as I have lots of other house projects that are more pressing. They always used spray foam. Companies 2 and 3 both got out the heat lamp test to prove that their windows don’t let heat in or out. They both had a life time warranty on the windows as long I live there, and a transferable warranty of different lengths- which will be nice for the new owners when I sell the house. The choice came down to three aspects: Better insulation Finished wood work/ Confidence in the installer A longer transferable warranty I went with Windows Depot USA. The lead time on the windows was longer than the original quote. But my dad has been so impressed with the install it is worth it. And dad got to be around when they were being installed, I had to go to work, so he definitely has a better picture of the work. I am so impressed with their woodwork, I would love to hire their installer, Bob, back to help me out with other woodwork projects. My house in now quieter and the windows do not have drafts around them making the whole house feel warmer. They look beautiful and like they belong.

Heather R.


Good to do business with a company that stands by their guarantee and doesn’t try to up sell what you don’t actually need. They gave very good service and the price was excellent!

Ivan S.


Company was the best value, price and product. Others were cheaper, but their products were not even close.

Dan H.


The expectations were filled. Bob came to the house on time and completed the job in two days. He did an excellent job!

Ann R.


Work was completed & cleaned up in two days. Every detail was attended to well. Nate was a helpful salesman & Bob did a fantastic job with the installation. They both were friendly & professional. I will be using them again for gutters & future home projects. Highly recommended!

Erin K.


Mark, the gutter installer, was thorough. Also discussed missing shingles on the roof that he noticed while installing gutters.

Karen P.


Tim was on time and he did his work in a reasonable amount of time. He was very friendly and did a good job. We feel the windows were priced pretty reasonable for the quality of windows.

John K.


Nate, the owner, did the window presentation, very knowledgeable. Bob the installer put the windows in very professional. Great value for quality windows.

Travis C.


He gave me a very good product at a very good price.

Michael P.


I would recommend Window Depot USA of Milwaukee for the quality of work and the great prices that they have. The staff is organized and professional and very good at communicating with you.

David H.


We looked at a lot of windows before choosing Window Depot USA of Milwaukee and we are happy we did. We enjoyed the experience from the salesman to the installer. I would gladly recommend them to anyone again.

Gene N.


I have had nothing but good experiences with Window Depot. The representative was on time and he was knowledgeable. I went the whole winter without leaky windows and my heating bill even went down. I am completely satisfied with what they did.

Diane B.